Terms and conditions

  1. General information

The STVAC.com online store is owned by STV – Equipamentos para a Indústria e Laboratórios, Lda (STV), a company headquartered in Fornos de Cima, Calhandriz, 2615-641 Alverca do Ribatejo, with NIF:503984345.

These terms and conditions apply to all orders placed through the website www.stvac.com and its subdomains. By submitting an order through this online store, the customer declares that they accept the terms and conditions.

STV does not guarantee that its content is always free from inaccuracies or typographical errors. It also cannot guarantee that all information is up to date.

STV reserves the right to change content at any time and without prior notice.

  1. User account

When registering, each user must fill in the mandatory data. This data, which is strictly personal and non-transferable, for identification purposes, will be a prior and essential requirement for logging in. Instructions transmitted electronically by the User/Client, through this means, will produce full legal effects, without the need for any other requirement or formality, with STV and the User/Client accepting the total equivalence of the email and password to the User/Customer's signature. Customer, particularly when there is subsequent sending of contractual documentation. STV reserves the right to change any of the security elements, and must notify the User/Client of the date on which such change will become effective.

This registration allows you to access all menus, place orders and check your history. Orders are subject to acceptance by STV, of which the user will be informed via email.

  1. Pricing and payments

Prices are always those in force at the date of supply or, if a proposal has been made, the price and other agreed conditions. All prices are presented in EUROS and exclude the 23% VAT in force for Portugal, as well as transport costs. For other countries, all prices are shown in EUROS and exclude VAT and transport costs.

Payments by bank transfer are accepted, to NIB: 0010 0000 4627 6820 0013 8,
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4627 6820 0013 8, or via Paypal.

After the order is submitted, an automatic email will be sent with confirmation.

All prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice, and STV declines any price or other error due to possible technical anomalies. If any occur, they will be duly rectified and the User/Customer informed.

  1. Deliveries and shipping costs

Order deliveries may vary according to stock availability, and will only be dispatched after confirmation of payment for all items ordered, and respective shipping costs.

When the User/Customer collects the order from the N/facilities, or requests collection by third parties, the costs inherent to this are at their own risk, with the transfer of ownership of the products to the User/Customer at the time of your collection.

When deliveries/shipments are made by our company, the transfer of ownership of the products to the User/Customer takes place at the time of delivery.

If delivery is impossible on the 1st attempt, for reasons beyond the control of STV, a 2nd delivery attempt will be made. If this does not materialize, contact will be made with the User/Client in order to clarify their intention. If the User/Customer wishes to have the order delivered, the new shipping costs will be borne by him/her, and only after payment has been made will a new delivery attempt be made. In case of failure in the 3rd delivery attempt, and/or refusal, the contract will be considered terminated, with no refund of any amount paid.

The costs of delivering orders to the requested address vary depending on the weight of the product(s) ordered and the geographical area.

Any other particularities in orders overweight, in any mode of transport, must be consulted with the company's Logistics services.

No deliveries are made upon collection.

  1. Orders and delivery time

When completing an order, the User/Customer accepts the terms and conditions in force. Orders are subject to the availability of stocks in the warehouse or the indication of a delivery time, even if probable. This is understood after receipt of the order, compliance with the agreed conditions and other information essential for acceptance of the order.

If it is impossible to supply an order, or part of it, for exceptional reasons, STV will notify the User/Customer and will refund the amounts paid for the same.

  1. Exchanges and Returns

STV reserves the right to accept returns in advance. Returns will only be accepted if previously requested and acceptance confirmed. Requests to return material must be made by email or by letter to the STV address, which will inform you of the decision and the conditions to apply, namely any costs for restoring stock. All returns that do not meet the prior acceptance requirement will be refused and returned to the customer, with shipping costs being borne by the customer.

The product to be returned must meet the following requirements to be accepted by STV:

  1. The article and all accessories that make it up must not show signs of improper handling;
  2. The original packaging and respective manuals must be in perfect condition;
  3. The article cannot have been subject to specific production or changed characteristics that prevent its normal commercialization.

STV reserves the right to apply penalties in cases where the return is accepted, but does not comply with one or more of the requirements previously set out, so that any losses related to the requested return are compensated.

Transport costs associated with returns are the responsibility of the customer, as well as any damage and/or loss that may occur as a result. Credits will only be issued after validation of product conformity.

Address for sending returns:

STVAC (Online Store)

Fornos de Cima, Calhandriz,

2615-641 Alverca do Ribatejo

Shipping costs are not refundable.

There are no exchanges for goods purchased through the website www.stvac.com .

  1. Guarantees

Legal standards regarding guarantees will apply to our products. If the manufacturer/producer of the product grants a warranty period longer than that legally established, the warranty period granted by the manufacturer/producer will be relevant. The products that STV sells are for professional use and the rules regarding such use will therefore apply, unless expressly stated otherwise.

  1. Intellectual property and rights

All information on the website is the property of STV and cannot be used or copied without written permission.

The conditions presented are fully binding on the parties involved, for the period that STV's activity is in force, and may be subject to change without prior notice.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Portuguese law is applied to the conditions presented, and in the absence of agreement between the parties, in the event of a dispute, the District of Vila Franca de Xira is competent.